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Main Features:  
Display 1.4’’ backlit dot matrix display
Handsfree operation  on handset
Fulleco Mode  multi handset low radiation mode
Comfort Features:  
Alarm function  clock and appointments
Volume ringer and loudspeaker volume adjustable (5 levels each)
Ringer melodies  10 HiFi melodies, deactivation possible
Keypad lock possibility
Secrecy  microphone deactivatable during conversation
Accepting a call  by picking-up the handset from the base
Clock  time display
Handset  personalized handsets by assigning different handset names
Paging  locate mislaid handsets
Call transfer  internally and externally
Conference internally and externally
Directory and call Management:
Directory for 100 entries
CLIP/CNIP  caller number and name indication
Redial of the 10 last-dialled numbers
Call time  call duration indication during a call
Dial preparation  enter the number before dialing
Network access:  
Number and type  1 access to analogue network
Dialing procedure  DTMF or pulse dialing
Technical Data:  
Expandable  up to 5 handsets and 4 bases
Alimentation low energy consumption power adaptor
Standard PSTN analogue
Batteries  Lithium-ion (3.7 V, 550 mAh)
Operating time  talk time up to 10 hours, in standby up to 150 hours
Range  outdoor up to 300 m, indoor up to 50 m



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