ePure Mobile
Corded handset
with base



Main features : 

•   Connect to your mobile phone, tablet or PC*

•   Make and receive phone call

•   Use talk on/off key and volume adjustment keys on handset**

•   Activate voice control directly from the handset**

•   Choose Apple mode or universal mode according to your device ( with “Made for iPhone” switch )

•   Use a base station to connect the mobile phone to the corded handset, for more comfort


* Adaptor is needed for some models 

** Compatible with Apple devices: iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPad 3, iPad 2 and iPad


Benefits :

•   Remove mobile phone radiation away from your head

•   Enjoy better voice quality

•   Enjoy better ease of use

•   See your mobile phone display during a call


Technical data :

•   3.5 mm audio jack in/out male plug ( handset )

•   2x3.5 mm audio jack in/out female plug ( base station )

•   High quality audio receiver for speech play out

•   High quality internal microphone


Optional accessories :

•   Dual output 3.5 mm audio jack adaptor for PC

•   3.5 mm twisted audio jack adaptor



Manual FAQ Datasheet