Connecting with people is essential in our lives.

When it's impossible to talk face-to-face, the telephone is the richest way to share our emotions.


In today's world, we spend a large part of our life on the phone. But with the pace of technology, most of the phones we use sacrifice voice quality for improved design and applications. 


Swissvoice’s mission is to design a phone which lets you rediscover the pleasure of conversation whilst still enjoying mobile capabilities.


We've housed state-of-the-art technology within an iconic design. The outsanding voice quality paired with exceptional versitility allows you to concentrate on the most important thing - the conversation. 


Our voice is our own identity.





We began our adventure into telephony in 1893. Since that time we've seen many different technologies cycle through history. Through keen observation and understanding, we've honed our expertise so that today we can offer a premium calling experience to millions of people.


Our products are made for the Swiss way of life: robust, long-lasting, and superior.




We implement a variety of technologies to increase user comfort and overall experience. 



Our ergonomic design allows the user to comfortably hold the handset between the hand and ear. The positioning of the handset on the body can also reduce  backpain normally associated with small or slim handsets.


The shape of the receiver is a perfect match to the ear improving the overall sound quality and reducing acoustic leakage.







Fulleco technology allows ePure mobile accessories  to reduce the amount of  electromagnetic waves absorbed by the human body.


With Fulleco technology, ePure cordless home phones consume less power and have a SAR value ( Specific Absorption Rate ) below 0.010 W/kg, which rates as one of the best cordless options among official rankings.


There is evidence that emissions absorbed by the brain reduce by 400 percent when the distance between the body and the mobile phone increases.  By using a handset equipped with fulleco technology, we've been able to drastically lower the body's exposure to electromagnetic emissions without sacrificing mobile functionality.  


The lowest radiation in communication:


Very good reduction of radiation in communication:


Good reduction of radiation in communication:


Medium radiation in communication:









Acoustic transmission quality has been much the same for over a century. But now, HD voice technology is revolutionising the telephone industry. Now callers can feel closer to each other. The HD sound quality is richer, more dynamic, and offers a better listening experience.  


The HD voice acoustic spectrum ranges from 50 Hz to 7,000 Hz compared to 400 Hz to 4,000 Hz for the traditional acoustic spectrum. ePure mobile are fully compatible with HD voice technology, using HD microphone, receiver, speaker, codec  and speech processing algorithm.




ePure speakers use the same fluid dynamics principle as those used when designing the propulsion nozzle of an aircraft.


The sound wave created by the speaker membrane is squeezed through a bottleneck and then expelled into a bigger resonance cavity. The result is an impressive sound quality for hands free calling and music streaming.